Philip Life Center AME Church
Estimated Cost to Complete: $15,000.00

Northeast Zimbabwe Annual Conference

Rumphi AME Church
Estimated Cost to Complete: $3000.00

Malawi Central Annual Conference

Hlanganani AME Church
Estimated Cost to Complete: $15,0000.00

Central Zimbabwe Annual Conference

Church Construction

Malawi North Annual Conference

Five churches were destroyed in Malawi as the results of flooding and poor construction. The people are gathering outside to worship. Their determination and persistence are so admirable and inspiring.

Education Supplies

Twentieth Episcopal District

These are schools with relations to the A.M.E.C. There are approximately 20,000 Primary (Grades 1-8) and Secondary (Grades 9-12) students.

Motor Bike Project
Estimated Cost per Bike: $1015.00

Twentieth Episcopal District

Many of the clergy face great challenges getting to their churches. Some walk miles; ride or hire bicycles; ride crowded minivans. For instance, 22 of the 28 presiding Elders do not have personal transportation. The churches can be a great distance from where they live. One goal is get a motor bike for each who can or will learn to ride.


The Twentieth Episcopal District of the AME Church is composed of seven annual conferences that encompass the countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique.  Currently, under the  leadership of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ronnie E. Brailsford, Sr. and Supervisor Rev. Carolyn E. Brailsford, the Twentieth Episcopal District is seeking to reach more people, strengthen institutional effectiveness, and develop new ministry partnerships.



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